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            Direct Synthesis of Zinc Oxide_

            Direct Synthesis of Zinc Oxide

            release time:2018-04-20

            When you purchase a variety of raw materials for processing, you must understand its chemical composition and the reactions it generates. The direct method of zinc oxide is that it is soluble in chemical components such as sodium trihydroxide, hydrogenated ammonia, etc. However, it should be noted that it is insoluble in water, ethanol and ammonia. This is an intrinsic substance that belongs to the amphoteric oxide. After absorbing carbon dioxide and water in the air, it can produce zinc carbonate and then assume a yellow color. After heating, it will turn yellow, but after cooling, it will return to white. This is the important characteristic that the ceramic glaze can make the color change more and more in the production process. In the absence of ultraviolet light, hydrogen sulfide does not appear black.
            Direct Synthesis of Zinc Oxide_

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